Kishorn Port and Dry Dock is the former construction site of the Ninian Central Platform, the site has 45 Hectares of land available (including the dry dock) for immediate construction and development with a further 19 Hectares available.

Dry Dock Facilities

The dry dock would be ideal for the construction of concrete caissons for the offshore wind industry. It could also be used for the decommissioning of floating structures with ample set down space immediately adjacent to the dock. The dry dock gates are 160m in length, possibly the largest in the world and there is up to 13.8m@MHWS. Previous uses of the dry dock can be viewed in History.

For the right investor there are a number of funding opportunities available for the development of the Kishorn Port and Dry Dock.

Kishorn Dry Dock

Kishorn Dry Dock

Other Services available at Kishorn include: